HK Accounting and Bookkeeping Service team understands that small and medium sized businesses depend on their financial stability and growth to remain competitive in the current business climate. We offer all levels of services to help start the process…. We walk you through steps to better understanding your financial picture….

New Second Round of Stimulus PPP funds are now available for businesses…….

Encouraging Minority Business owners and Women to take advantage of the new funds available. Do not be overwhelmed by the process. Here are a few tips on items needed:

  • Monthly Profit and Loss for 2020 (12 months)
    • Rental and Utility Expenses
    • Payroll (this is not limited to employees)

Do not let the business reporting overwhelm you. There are small business owners that are here for you to help in the process. It is worth the effort to take advantage of this awesome opportunity.

If you have been putting off organizing your business financial activity don’t waste anymore time and just start. One step at a time. . Mileage and receipt tracking is just one I suggest.

Meals and Entertainment 100% in 2021

Did you know that meals and entertainment has increased to 100% allowable for Business in 2021?

We help our clients walk through understanding the accounting of their business. It doesn’t have to be intimidating  and I can help with taking the steps to getting organized.

I specialize in “Clean-up” accounting and helping those that have put this off for a long time…. Even years…

The best advice I have for you is to just START… if you do not know where to begin let’s start together and let me help you with the process.

Leave the stress of accounting to us…..

We help our clients with this stress and they are so thankful they took the time and energy to get someone to help them and they Leave the dirty work to us.

Accounting is our Passion….

As a result we understand the needs of our clients because it takes a certain type of person to understand the accounting end of the business so why not let someone take this part over and help you begin being educated on how your business is really doing..

Are you just spending money and depositing checks into the bank but do not have any idea how you are really doing financially? Do you have boxes of receipts or months of bank statements that have never been reconciled?

Would you love to take advantage to all the stimulus moneys and loans available but too embarrassed to contact the bank? No idea what your financial picture looks like?