Deadlines for DBAs  

Looking at operating a business or company under an assumed name? If you want a DBA- ‘doing business as’- name in North Carolina, you should know that the laws have changed. If it has been a few years since you filed for a DBA, it could be time to file again. An accounting or legal professional can provide guidance as you navigate this process. 

Got questions about obtaining a DBA in North Carolina? Here is what you should know: 

What is a North Carolina DBA? 

When you obtain a DBA, you can do business under a name that is not your own, personal name. This typically is used for sole proprietorships and general partnerships, as well as LLCs and corporations, which may have a slew of names. 

In North Carolina, many entrepreneurs and businesses acquire a DBA for different reasons: 

  • To make a company sound legit and professional.  
  • To have a company name that reflects what the company does.  
  • For banking, accounts, and assets, many want to use their DBA.  
  • To distinguish the company from subsidiaries of the same company.  

Sometimes, a company will obtain a DBA to separate one area of their business or niche from another for marketing or business reasons.   

How Do you File a North Carolina DBA? 

It is easy to file for a DBA in North Carolina. First, you need to make sure that someone else is not operating with the name that you are planning to adopt; there are business name search tools available online for each state.  

Next, complete your Assumed Name Business Certificate with the relevant information as requested. Some information you will need to provide includes:  

  • The name you want to assume for your DBA 
  • The actual name of the business, if applicable 
  • Type of business that you operate 
  • Business address; physical location 
  • Mailing address 
  • Names of the counties in which the assumed name will be used 
  • Your signature 

In North Carolina, a $26 fee must accompany your business certificate application and be sent to the local county registry of deeds where your business is located in.  

How Long Does a North Carolina DBA Last? 

In North Carolina, a DBA does not have an expiration date and does not require any renewal process or requirements unless you are making changes to the information originally provided for your DBA. The current changes with this process involve filing the DBA application for certification by the end of the year, 12/22/2022, to be recognized by a North Carolina database of DBA. 

Should I Hire a Service or Attorney to Help? 

Whether you hire a service or legal representative to assist in this process is up to you. Hiring a DBA service can save time, and hiring an attorney may save you headaches. It really comes down to your distinct business, any complications or issues related to your application, and your budget since this assistance comes at a cost. If you are too busy to get your application filed in December 2022 for a DBA, perhaps hiring someone to represent you is prudent. 

Now is the time to file for a DBA if you live in North Carolina- let us help!  

For accounting services or assistance, we can help. We know about DBAs- as well as the laws surrounding them in North Carolina. While the process of establishing a DBA is not difficult, it can help to have the experience of someone who has navigated the process before.