• March 15th Tax Deadline
      Just a quick reminder that the March 15 tax deadline is quickly approaching.  The deadline applies to flow through entities to file their tax returns.  Flow through entities include entities filing Form 1120-S or, partnerships filing tax return Form 1065.  Haven’t filed yet?  Need to file an extension?  We can help can help you […]
  • Restaurant Revitalization Fund Assistance
    Are you a Restaurant Owner or know someone who is? Here is one program you may not know about: https://www.sba.gov/funding-programs/loans/covid-19-relief-options/restaurant-revitalization-fund The SBA said it would keep the RRF application portal open because it still has potential funding available for eligible establishments with 2019 annual revenue of not more than $50,000. Eligible establishments that meet this […]
  • LLC Setups and Business Structures
    Did you setup an LLC and wonder what next? ? We help setup your LLC. ? Guiding our clients to the next level is what we do best. ? We setup your accounting systems so you can monitor how you are doing. ? We setup a system so that at the end of the year […]
  • Tax Deadlines Quickly Approaching
    Deadlines Approaching! Corporate and Partnership Tax Deadlines…how does your Business look? We help get your books in order for the Tax Man. We have been helping businesses with their accounting and bookkeeping for 20+ years. Do you know where to begin? We setup a 15 minute discovery call to get you started. The steps we […]
  • We help with your PPP needs
    Check out the Latest PPP Updates Bloomberg Reports New Biden Small Business Help ? Do you have 2019-2021 Financial Reports? We help get these reports together for you. ? Do you have less than 20 employees? We help get the payroll reports that you need? ? Do you want assistance for the upcoming year? This […]